Crown Point Baptist Church in Simi Valley, CA

Still Preaching

Passionate preaching that comes straight from the Bible still brings more lasting change than comedy routines, drama, or motivational talks.  Come discover the benefit of Bible preaching.

Preaching conjures up a lot of different images in people's minds these days... Boring, Dry, Irrelevant.  May we clarify it a bit?  Preaching is simply a passionate and dynamic communication of an important and vital truth from the Bible.  The preaching you hear will first of all be Bible-centered preaching.  We still believe in the absolute truth of the time-tested Word of God.  Be sure to bring your Bible because you'll need it.  Second, it will be relevant and clear.  You won't wonder what the point was and you will be able to use it immediately.  Last of all it will be unapologetic.  In a culture of "believe-whatever-you-want-regardless-of-whether-it-is-actually-true," Bible preaching might seem offensive to sensitive ears.  Rather than water it down and mix it with entertainment, we still believe in that timeless, biblical practice called preaching.

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